Focus areas

We focus on BeNeLux healthcare companies, operating in three healthcare sectors.

Tech companies, that
develop innovative medical
devices for diagnostics or
patient treatments.

Software companies,that
develop e-health solutions
for healthcare
professionals and patients.

Healthcare Services
Healthcare distribution
companies, that offer
medical devices, supplies
or services to healthcare

With both MedTech, E-health and Healthcare services we serve customers like hospitals, nursing
homes, clinics and healthcare multinationals.

We have an extensive healthcare network In
Europe and the United States of America.

Capital needs

We invest in healthcare businesses with different kinds of investment needs.

Growth Capital.
Companies, either scale-ups with a proven product and initial sales or more mature companies that require growth capital.

Management buy-ins and carve outs.
Companies, where management identifies
sustainable growth opportunities and seek for a
business partner.

Company succession.
Family-owned companies, that look for succession in ownership and management

Investment criteria

We focus on innovative healthcare companies, that meet our investment criteria.

Impact in healthcare
The company has a positive impact on
patient, nurse, or doctor experiences,
via treatment effectiveness or cost

A company is led by ambitious and
engaged entrepreneurs.

Free cash flow
A company must have an attractive free
cash flow, supported by autonomous
growth and/or by market consolidation

Investment size
Company equity values up to €50M and
with a need for capital between €0,5M
to €5M as a majority or large minority
shareholder. This sweet spot can be
higher, as Dennenclonck can co-invest
with financial partners.

Value creation

Via our business experience and business network in healthcare,
we provide hands-on support for management.

Considering our leadership experience, we offer
unique support in strategic positioning, value

With our global and local healthcare networks,
we support international growth initiatives.

We source operational partners from our
networks for help on supervisory boards,
managerial boards, and the management team.

Operational Improvement
We apply our managerial expertise to help our
portfolio companies overcome financial and
operational challenges related to growth.

We apply our investment expertise and network
to support the buy & build strategies of our
portfolio companies.